Clan Name


Roster Count 25

Region All

Incept Date 2010-04-26

Clan Points

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Clan Description

Competitive North American Team Since 2010 Must be Mature, Professional, Respectful, and Chill.

Clan Members

Level Player Title
Super Rank [OP]Grim Master
First Lieutenant 2 RainGD Master
Marshal 420duke Staff
Captain 5 SaintMike Staff
Major 3 Iosty Member
General MagicTooth Member
Lieutenant Colonel 3 GeneralSex Member
Colonel 3 xJHone Member
Major General PurplePot Member
Lieutenant Colonel 2 hssn Member
Colonel 4 [OP]AndySixx Member
Colonel 1 Seunn Member
Colonel 2 HackAddict Member
Major General Noobitus Member
Captain 2 AssBurger Member
Lieutenant Colonel 1 SmokePohT Member
Colonel 1 lnkHeart Member
Major 3 Tapster Member
First Lieutenant 5 melle247 Member
Second Lieutenant 1 Cupid Member
Captain 5 Ramsis. Member
Colonel 2 5thWave Member
Sergeant First Class 5 SeratoDJ Member
Colonel 1 LeoDubstep Member
Colonel 4 FizaI Member