Clan Name


Roster Count 26

Region All

Incept Date 2010-04-26

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Clan Description

Competitive North American Team Since 2010 Must be Mature, Professional, Respectful, and Chill.

Clan Members

Level Player Title
Super Rank Latina Staff
Private SexyMidget Staff
Private JuicyBooty Staff
Private First Class Billions Staff
Colonel 2 FURY969 Member
Lieutenant Colonel 3 iSeri Member
Major 5 lEqualizer Member
First Lieutenant 3 Luxiiz Member
Lieutenant Colonel 2 SunFlux Member
First Lieutenant 5 Hanzoz Member
Major 3 iLoci Member
Master Sergeant 4 ZoKium Member
Master Sergeant 2 cKgo Member
First Lieutenant 1 Toii Member
Master Sergeant 1 CoroCom Member
Captain 1 V3NEZOLAN0 Member
Second Lieutenant 1 Konnuc Member
Second Lieutenant 5 Sovaushara Member
First Lieutenant 5 BLDM Member
Second Lieutenant 3 JireM Member
Major 1 ShltFacE Member
Major 3 bmw525is Member
General Heverth Member
First Lieutenant 1 PutrefaT Member
Major General eGomaniacc Member
Lieutenant Colonel 3 Creuvard Member