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Roster Count 83

Region All

Incept Date 2010-04-12

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Clan Description

International Clan since 12-04-2010. Active . Polite , Respectful and Adult players are in the clan PUTIN. No drama just have fun with your buddies !

Clan Members

Level Player Title
Brigadier General Katarina Master
Colonel 2 Achilius Staff
Major 5 amr1farouk Staff
General Doomestic Staff
Major General MrM0N Staff
Lieutenant General SASUKIKUN Staff
Lieutenant General DEJAN666 Staff
Lieutenant Colonel 5 Crisper Member
Captain 3 DeftKiller Member
Lieutenant Colonel 2 Xpert Member
First Lieutenant 4 RangePyr Member
Captain 5 GunGRave19 Member
First Lieutenant 4 PutinVV Member
Colonel 4 iWeazelGER Member
Lieutenant Colonel 1 Delici0us Member
Major 3 JAK32X Member
Lieutenant Colonel 3 Fledi Member
Brigadier General SekiSato Member
Colonel 2 Drodi Member
Major 3 BladeRun86 Member
Captain 4 D00msday88 Member
Captain 3 InQuiRe Member
Lieutenant Colonel 4 foremanzZ Member
Lieutenant General xSteff Member
Lieutenant Colonel 5 DeMeL Member
Colonel 1 xHoTx Member
Colonel 5 xXFrF2Xx Member
Brigadier General lefteris1 Member
Major 3 Soosan Member
Captain 3 iShoijn Member
General PrienseOf Member
Lieutenant Colonel 3 MAXIMLIANO Member
Captain 5 cisci79 Member
Colonel 1 zXlbetolXz Member
Brigadier General TheBabaman Member
Major General saxo18 Member
Major 4 Dopefiish Member
Super Rank bellino Member
Colonel 5 Ange1Z2 Member
Lieutenant Colonel 5 HitMan5555 Member
Lieutenant Colonel 3 maxra Member
Master Sergeant 3 Cory31 Member
Lieutenant Colonel 4 AM1PR0 Member
Colonel 1 CptBrauni Member
Colonel 4 iSwex Member
Major 2 CourtneyXD Member
Captain 3 T0mDaar0m Member
Brigadier General M3RFss Member
Colonel 2 Pambocaeo Member
Lieutenant Colonel 2 DevilJin5 Member
Master Sergeant 2 FatalKid Member
Major 4 7shine Member
Major 1 xMurdaTurk Member
Lieutenant Colonel 5 LatinKing8 Member
Captain 4 ClickSho0t Member
Second Lieutenant 5 DopeTiger Member
Major 5 MonkeyParr Member
Major 3 Preachy Member
Second Lieutenant 5 chenKu Member
Lieutenant Colonel 1 zAlexandro Member
Lieutenant Colonel 2 dubbbi Member
Colonel 2 iHunNEW Member
Lieutenant Colonel 4 BySnipAHUN Member
Major 4 Demtree Member
First Lieutenant 4 GamerStyIe Member
Captain 5 caracole Member
Captain 4 DropUorAZZ Member
Lieutenant Colonel 1 Ak47WeeD Member
Lieutenant Colonel 5 comadokill Member
Captain 1 paliats Member
First Lieutenant 1 IICLOWNIII Member
Major 2 Fackingpus Member
Major 5 LEg3nDk1LL Member
Major 1 BotFred Member
Major 3 MrFreshAim Member
Second Lieutenant 4 Clake Member
Captain 4 Throater Member
First Lieutenant 5 B12TRAS Member
Major 2 aNyOnii Member
First Lieutenant 4 NaMr0oD Member
Captain 3 XanaXkingX Member
First Lieutenant 2 OsSaMaPrt Member
Sergeant First Class 5 Mk3xSlicey Member