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Roster Count 44

Region All

Incept Date 2013-06-26

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Clan Description

The Best Pinoy clan in AVA Republika ng Pilipinas

Clan Members

Level Player Title
Sergeant First Class 4 iDAD4 Master
Lieutenant Colonel 4 xXGooRanGXx Staff
Lieutenant General iD4D4 Staff
Sergeant First Class 4 BeYMaX Staff
Major 4 lChillaXl Member
Captain 4 BloodBathTub Member
Captain 2 JUBA777 Member
First Lieutenant 3 BlackOctupus Member
First Lieutenant 4 Deyl Member
Colonel 1 PHxPuday Member
Master Sergeant 4 XXJAPPYXX Member
Second Lieutenant 4 kurmis12 Member
Sergeant First Class 3 b3rzY Member
Sergeant First Class 2 KoOji Member
Master Sergeant 5 Newly Member
Captain 1 OLDKhams Member
Staff Sergeant 3 DinkleSTR Member
First Lieutenant 4 Blazkooo Member
Master Sergeant 2 J4M3SBL0ND Member
Second Lieutenant 4 ssebas Member
Second Lieutenant 4 ST33LCRUSH Member
First Lieutenant 1 XxMrSuave Member
Sergeant First Class 3 Manghihipo Member
First Lieutenant 2 4reS2O13 Member
Sergeant First Class 3 SlowShoveI Member
Second Lieutenant 4 ViNcECaR14 Member
Second Lieutenant 1 Pinoypao Member
Lieutenant Colonel 2 mostYUANted Member
Captain 2 noobiez Member
Master Sergeant 1 iKhay Member
First Lieutenant 1 Pr0GaMeX Member
Master Sergeant 4 xDenzeL Member
Sergeant First Class 1 IPHIJed Member
Staff Sergeant 2 sTuPiDcReW Member
Master Sergeant 3 carlopasto Member
Sergeant First Class 3 SAM9ROKET3 Member
Master Sergeant 1 HOGSpower Member
Sergeant IHashirama Member
Sergeant First Class 4 matzuki23 Member
Major 4 Te+i+sbuL4g Member
Second Lieutenant 3 ElTigro Member
Staff Sergeant 4 ChrisKyIe Member
Lieutenant Colonel 2 Zetas Member
Major 2 EPKOsniper Member