Clan Name


Roster Count 33

Region USA

Incept Date 2011-09-09

Clan Points

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Clan Description

Protocol: Learn the name, Fear it

Clan Members

Level Player Title
Lieutenant Colonel 4 RedAttire Master
Lieutenant Colonel 1 BlueDeviI Staff
Sergeant First Class 1 RedChrome Staff
Major 3 JakeBane Member
Captain 3 stan131 Member
Lieutenant Colonel 3 1Byte Member
First Lieutenant 4 CallMeLee Member
Major 5 iTzKiTz Member
Colonel 1 sars135 Member
First Lieutenant 2 cvndyMAN Member
Colonel 4 R1pT1de Member
First Lieutenant 2 lLilyl Member
Second Lieutenant 5 iReconsniper Member
Major General citats Member
Captain 1 Th3seNuts Member
Sergeant First Class 5 SoftlyMoist Member
Captain 5 xXHasteXx Member
Lieutenant Colonel 1 cutiiepie Member
First Lieutenant 5 itsR00K Member
Major 3 Exillee Member
Master Sergeant 2 bonedawgg1 Member
Second Lieutenant 3 Justtchnit Member
Lieutenant Colonel 2 llFakezll Member
Sergeant First Class 4 Uradk Member
Corporal AzureDove Member
Staff Sergeant 2 Bspeckled2 Member
Lieutenant Colonel 4 Warmans Member
Sergeant First Class 2 Stfub Member
Captain 1 xHypedUPx Member
Master Sergeant 4 WildChiId Member
Lieutenant Colonel 5 SunJade Member
Staff Sergeant 5 ZeFragz Member
Major 2 FHPwnge Member