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Roster Count 43

Region All

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Clan Description

The goal of this clan is to be a highly feared, top contender in CW/Match. You need TS/Mic and skills to join. Be respectful. Join CW/Match when called and work to become a better player. Simple.

Clan Members

Level Player Title
Super Rank RastaFire Master
Colonel 3 AnitaKill Staff
Brigadier General VRxMeta Staff
Second Lieutenant 5 Slam22Fast Staff
Lieutenant General Suspiscious Staff
General VRxTruly Staff
Major 4 Bla1 Member
Brigadier General xP1L4NTR4x Member
Colonel 4 iHennessy Member
Second Lieutenant 5 RE100 Member
Major General RAGERPRO Member
Lieutenant Colonel 1 MisterMayo Member
Major 1 1HEJ0KER Member
Major 3 BloodyRo4r Member
Major 4 TheHoon Member
Super Rank INightl Member
Major 3 gforce21 Member
Captain 4 RektGeo Member
General HARDMUSCLE Member
Colonel 3 69thACCT Member
Captain 1 liips Member
First Lieutenant 4 OneRussian Member
Lieutenant Colonel 1 ANONYMOS2 Member
Lieutenant Colonel 2 Ysz Member
First Lieutenant 5 CowCorn Member
Lieutenant Colonel 2 VRxTryhard Member
Lieutenant Colonel 1 SuperCeIl Member
General MarIey Member
Major 2 JOKeRH1t Member
Captain 4 Caninum Member
First Lieutenant 2 Uziel0220 Member
Master Sergeant 4 Ayuric Member
Major 3 XlegendDzX Member
First Lieutenant 2 OLDTripsis Member
Staff Sergeant 3 AngelSkyF Member
Captain 2 DraGonXtk Member
Major 2 MrBoyka Member
Lieutenant Colonel 2 RE10 Member
Brigadier General Kuq Member
Major 2 zDIN0z Member
Lieutenant Colonel 2 hennyboy Member
Master Sergeant 1 SexyLook Member
Lieutenant Colonel 3 FallenWings Member