Clan Name


Roster Count 29

Region All

Incept Date 2011-01-16

Clan Points

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Clan Description

We welcome only the best, sorry! - Sexi

Clan Members

Level Player Title
Captain 2 Sexi Master
Second Lieutenant 2 SexiTwin Staff
Colonel 3 RAZIvzla Member
Lieutenant Colonel 3 Suicide022 Member
Captain 5 iSupraStar Member
Lieutenant Colonel 3 Njrater Member
First Lieutenant 2 MRYoucef Member
Major 5 WBeavers Member
Major 5 Ikimono Member
Captain 5 lKREATIVEl Member
Captain 4 IlMolI Member
First Lieutenant 2 xRavexx Member
First Lieutenant 5 wolnes Member
Lieutenant Colonel 1 rZlLegend Member
First Lieutenant 4 Totorooooo Member
Second Lieutenant 2 RivenMain Member
Master Sergeant 2 IDIakaraxL Member
Major 1 mark159877 Member
First Lieutenant 3 jadetiger Member
Master Sergeant 3 FIippy Member
First Lieutenant 3 KingKylian Member
Second Lieutenant 1 ImSmurfer Member
Sergeant First Class 5 QuangLiem Member
Sergeant First Class 1 SirEdawg1k Member
Master Sergeant 4 Soumire Member
Master Sergeant 4 SLEQGE Member
Lieutenant Colonel 2 SKINZZZ Member
Major 3 iownftw Member
Lieutenant Colonel 4 Fuzakeru Member