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To join us please send zhympaki a private message on one of the following platforms and he'll assist you further. - Facebook: Jhiddeh (Ludde Andersson) - Twitter: ReactionsAVA

Clan Members

Level Player Title
Sergeant First Class 5 zhympaki Master
Super Rank dissa3 Staff
Major 5 Kejsaren Staff
Lieutenant Colonel 1 Undressed Staff
Lieutenant Colonel 1 Jumpzor Staff
Colonel 1 HDmu3c1E Staff
First Lieutenant 4 xxR3DT1G3Rxx Staff
Captain 2 HampusCarbon Staff
Super Rank RoyalStanc Member
General ISIApricot Member
Major 4 El2tr Member
Super Rank SexyKoso Member
Colonel 3 WilDxGiRL Member
Lieutenant Colonel 2 Mongoliat Member
First Lieutenant 1 Jappidoopi Member
Super Rank N0Eff3ct Member
Marshal OldRocker Member
Major 3 Nightsy Member
Lieutenant General stgauris Member
Colonel 3 XAMBELA Member
Colonel 1 Baron15 Member
Major 1 MHMD20 Member
Major 2 BglAnarchi Member
Lieutenant Colonel 1 RedFrozr Member
Lieutenant Colonel 4 GatZilla Member
Lieutenant Colonel 3 lav3ng3rrl Member
Captain 2 iLazor Member
Corporal coznaaar Member
Colonel 2 HOLLYSKiLL Member
Colonel 3 babr Member
Super Rank MaBeIIa Member
Major 5 lPulha93ll Member
Major 5 XxMangakaX Member
Lieutenant Colonel 4 uC0Nn Member
Lieutenant Colonel 2 iL0veBacon Member
Second Lieutenant 1 lBeaml Member
Marshal IlSpowerlI Member
Captain 3 Fudgebang Member
Lieutenant Colonel 3 highstoner Member
Second Lieutenant 3 VirtualSoul Member
Major 2 Danzerd Member
First Lieutenant 5 Geileaap2 Member
Captain 2 boergstl Member
Lieutenant Colonel 4 Jessica01z Member
Colonel 1 Cycret Member
Marshal EPICHUG Member
Major 2 M17cz Member
Colonel 2 Taisa Member
Major 1 VizuaIize Member
Major 5 DaniSanDIC Member
Colonel 2 xDaDoctor Member
Captain 1 llMichill Member
Major 1 QRIEAZX Member
Major 5 GTXOgeniob Member
Major 2 KimshiHo Member
Colonel 1 IN0EffectI Member
Major 5 ColdStaB Member
Colonel 5 lCr4zyGirl Member
Major 2 RoxieNL Member
Captain 3 MrsTwinkle Member
Second Lieutenant 3 endyk1ller Member
Lieutenant Colonel 1 McBallsX Member
Lieutenant Colonel 5 AnIs1ka Member
Major General xIMxPxno Member
Major 3 FazaLonia Member
Lieutenant Colonel 4 rivelegacy Member
Master Sergeant 2 Masztovski Member
Colonel 1 ANXIENT Member
Second Lieutenant 3 xlCub Member
First Lieutenant 1 OIdLady Member
First Lieutenant 1 BRABUS900 Member
Captain 5 EpicHugz Member
Captain 2 MUNIRuu Member
Sergeant First Class 5 MongoIiat Member
First Lieutenant 5 PinkPeklic Member
Captain 1 Avve16 Member
Captain 5 MakotoKun Member
First Lieutenant 2 Peklicery Member
Second Lieutenant 4 Oskarb1 Member
Major 1 Label7 Member
First Lieutenant 5 DoooKid Member
Captain 1 C4ndyCobra Member
Master Sergeant 5 Rayhana Member
Second Lieutenant 1 KzFist Member
Sergeant First Class 3 Bispo2725 Member
Second Lieutenant 2 MuNlRuu Member
Second Lieutenant 5 Perished Member
Sergeant First Class 5 AVALa33Qu3 Member
Staff Sergeant 1 EyeBaIIs Member