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Roster Count 67

Region All

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Clan Members

Level Player Title
Major General Tripsis Master
Super Rank CrazyAnimal Staff
General GeoDGreat Staff
Major General KiN3TiK Member
Lieutenant General RO7MOOT Member
Major 3 ArMylVirus Member
Marshal eMoNeL15 Member
Lieutenant General sergej2 Member
General SkyGhost Member
General MAK0T0 Member
Lieutenant General IColdWarI Member
Colonel 3 f3ivel Member
Lieutenant General papaya95 Member
Lieutenant General MansyBOO Member
Lieutenant General 5hiyo Member
Lieutenant General EliteHitman Member
Brigadier General goldeagle012 Member
Lieutenant Colonel 5 xxVITECxx Member
Colonel 5 1erVieuxslip Member
General CrazyAnimaI Member
Marshal rabbit16 Member
Lieutenant General AlanDana1 Member
Marshal xSnakePx Member
Colonel 4 xHaterZ Member
Lieutenant General saepekki Member
Super Rank divandiyar Member
Lieutenant General TheAnimaI Member
Colonel 2 ShadowRF Member
Marshal G1NeX Member
Lieutenant Colonel 3 ZigZag666 Member
Lieutenant General hulooog Member
Colonel 2 xIValium Member
Colonel 5 Sasamba Member
Lieutenant Colonel 4 R1TuaL Member
Lieutenant Colonel 3 M3rcenari Member
Lieutenant General ReIaxBaby Member
Lieutenant Colonel 3 EnemyBoss Member
Major General OpGUARDIAN Member
Lieutenant Colonel 4 SIR.MOHSEN Member
Super Rank tryXme Member
Colonel 5 Ari9Aryas Member
Marshal IIuKRAII Member
Lieutenant General iPredatory Member
Colonel 4 xRiyadx Member
First Lieutenant 4 AlanDana3 Member
Captain 1 xXSarkyXx Member
Super Rank 2BangBang Member
Lieutenant Colonel 5 RYouDedYet Member
Major 2 AbraBlyat Member
Major 2 mekhaielmm Member
Lieutenant General ResetiNpCe Member
First Lieutenant 1 IILeg3ndII Member
Captain 3 SexyShot Member
Captain 2 XTileHuntX Member
First Lieutenant 5 C0mandMian Member
Captain 4 mohammed7 Member
First Lieutenant 3 lIXlI Member
Major 2 leno4ka19 Member
First Lieutenant 5 KEDOSRU Member
Major 4 xXPIZDEZXx Member
Captain 5 IBOPOH Member
Captain 2 xPAKETAxUA Member
Captain 5 SERbIUJ Member
First Lieutenant 3 amooooor Member
First Lieutenant 4 XxvantaeXx Member
First Lieutenant 5 Aiko0 Member
Sergeant First Class 4 AkaIy Member