Clan Name


Roster Count 21


Incept Date 2013-07-25

Clan Points

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Clan Description

"Disqualification is the only way to stop Us"

Clan Members

Level Player Title
Marshal CoIdBreeZ Master
Major General sNxR4GE Staff
Colonel 4 cHUCKl Staff
General Stereopony Member
Colonel 5 Caturra Member
Lieutenant General renazBIZT Member
Lieutenant Colonel 5 lLazy Member
Brigadier General HeroParty Member
Marshal tigazBIZT Member
Captain 1 De4dStroke Member
Second Lieutenant 4 noqK Member
Major 1 LiiR Member
First Lieutenant 4 WttZ Member
Master Sergeant 4 OUTIess Member
Sergeant First Class 4 LuckyRap3 Member
Staff Sergeant 4 Adamast0r Member
Second Lieutenant 5 sNxFUTURE Member
Major 3 XaPuuT Member
Staff Sergeant 2 noqZyyyy Member
Colonel 1 [OP]Miz Member
Colonel 4 lSp3cTruml Member