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Region All

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eRegal is a serious matching clan. We do accept tryouts. Requirements: Rank of Major or higher (some exceptions) S/D: 1.75 minimum (some exceptions)

Clan Members

Level Player Title
Lieutenant General Pray4M3rcy Master
Lieutenant Colonel 4 Dhex Staff
Colonel 1 Wise0ldMan Staff
Sergeant First Class 3 NavyPreach Staff
Lieutenant Colonel 4 xASK4M3RCYx Staff
Brigadier General Mendim Member
Major 3 ItzMzD Member
General OIiv Member
Second Lieutenant 2 HappyOwl Member
Lieutenant Colonel 2 ShuLun Member
Lieutenant Colonel 2 SmokePohT Member
Sergeant First Class 3 Dhescifer Member
Sergeant First Class 3 Zyttix Member
Staff Sergeant 5 YoungBleed Member
Second Lieutenant 2 MiniSwipe Member
Staff Sergeant 3 SimpIyBM Member
First Lieutenant 3 Exerior Member
Master Sergeant 3 Relentl3sX Member
Captain 4 Praesinr1 Member
Master Sergeant 2 Krisz998 Member
First Lieutenant 5 Subaru007 Member
First Lieutenant 5 Boleador Member
First Lieutenant 5 lSkylEunha Member
Sergeant First Class 2 LilSpanky Member
Sergeant First Class 4 LeFurion Member
Master Sergeant 1 eLSayedl Member
Second Lieutenant 3 LetMeSwag Member
Sergeant First Class 5 doodooo Member
Second Lieutenant 5 Macho2k17 Member
Second Lieutenant 2 OoGYa Member
Staff Sergeant 4 ItsAsd Member
Sergeant First Class 3 iInsurgenT Member
Staff Sergeant 5 Salad528 Member
Master Sergeant 4 LegitPlaye Member
First Lieutenant 3 Webdahouse Member
Lieutenant Colonel 3 dawenxi Member
Lieutenant Colonel 4 SuperHoward Member
General webhouse69 Member
Second Lieutenant 2 UncleNo1 Member
Major 5 Fast4You Member
Brigadier General lSlyKillerl Member